What Would YOUR Life Look Like if You Could Get Paid Even When You’re Not Working?

Sticky Passive Income with Melissa Ingold & Nicole Dean

What if All You Had to Do Was Apply Our Simple Passive Income Tweaks to Your Business and You Could Get Paid for Years to Come Even When You’re Taking Time Off – Would You Want to Learn How?

We bet you’re working hard right now to build your business so you can eventually:

  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Slow down, relax and enjoy your life
  • Travel to exotic places
  • Quit your job or retire
  • Buy your dream home
  • Build your nest egg for retirement
  • Be happy

Yet so far, your idea of business success is still just a distant dream.

But have you ever really stopped to figure out how possible it is to have what you want right now instead of 5 or 10 years down the road?

Not Sure Why Passive Income is So Important?
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Think About it. How Would Your Life Change if You Added an
Extra $100 a Day to Your Income All from Passive Revenue Streams?

Let’s break this down and do some quick math.

$100 X 30 days = $3000/month
$3000 x 12 months = $36000/year

That means all you need to do is make five $20 sales a day, or a ten $10 sales.

Now What if You Could Make Those Extra Sales on the Side
While You Worked Your Main Business?

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider, we bet you’ve already been trying to incorporate other streams of income into your business. Either by creating and selling information products, setting up a membership site, or finding products you can promote as an affiliate.

Problem is, you always seem to run out of time, or you’re too tired after working with clients all day to work on your own stuff, and so you never seem to make any progress.

You just want to make some extra money on the side so you don’t have to work with so many clients, and you can take more time off without sacrificing your income.

Sticky Passive IncomeBut it’s just not happening for you and you’re frustrated!

You see so many coaches, service providers, authors, bloggers, and other online business owners who seem to have it all.

They’re taking vacations, going to exciting conferences, and doing fun stuff with their families while you feel like you’re tied to your computer 24/7!

That sucks!

The truth is (as you’ve no doubt discovered), one of the hardest things about online business is maintaining a steady income month-to-month. Unless you’re working 80+ hours each week, you wind up like most business owners – even those really smart ones who appear to have it all together! You have good months and bad months, and while the good months can be wonderful, those bad months can be very bad indeed.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’ll Show You How You Can Make a Few Simple Tweaks to Your Business So the Money Continues to Flow Even When You’re NOT Working!

Sound too good to be true?

“My first tweak to something I already had in place was to include related affiliate products to my newsletter. I know it sounds so silly that I didn’t have it before, but you know… It has already generated 2 checks that paid for Nicole & Melissa’s Sticky Passive Income course. How sweet is that?!”
Helena Alkhas, APersonalOrganizer.com

But who the heck are we?

Nicole Dean & Melissa IngoldWe’re Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold – the dynamite duo who have been working together as business partners on our half a million dollar joint venture project for the past 4 years.

We bring you nearly 20 years of combined experience running successful online businesses, and we’re highly sought after business coaches for really smart people. We’re authors, speakers, and highly skilled marketers.

But the best part, is that we share one important commonality – family means everything! Both of us spend more time out of our offices than in them because we prefer to live life, laugh often, and make memories.

We love building a lifestyle based business, and we love teaching business owners just like YOU how to do it too!

In fact…

Nicole travelled with her family overseas a year ago, where she spent 5 weeks in Europe with very limited internet access – but her rocking income continued to flow and remain steady. 

Plus, she takes 3 weeks off every summer to visit family and friends in her home state of Wisconsin. She couldn’t do that if her income depended on keeping her butt in her office chair all day long, could she?

Nicole loves to travel with her family.

Melissa takes oodles of time off, and she actually went off the grid for almost the entire year in 2012 – but her rocking income continued to flow and remain steady. 

And if that isn’t enough, she works just a few hours a week every summer and during the Christmas holiday, while her kids are out of school. She gets to enjoy spending time with her children without having to worry about her income, because she’s got the right systems in place.

Melissa and her family are always on the go (spending more time out of the house than in it) doing something fun.


But it’s not just about the fun and free time.

We also believe in giving back and helping others, and we both support many charities through our own individual businesses.

And so it was only natural for both of us to want to jointly support the charities we believe in through our business venture, CoachGlue.com. Like this one:

Sticky Passive Income

And all this can be possible for you too!

You see, the simple little tweaks that we’ve been teaching our students, are the exact same ones we apply to our own businesses.

Here’s the thing…

You Don’t Have to Work Harder, Just Smarter – And We’re Going to Take You By the Hand and Personally Show You How to Start Making Those Extra Sales on the Side!

Sticky Passive IncomeWhen you know where the places are in your business that you can monetize, and how to set up systems to work for you, you CAN make extra money while you work your main business.

But that’s not even the best part, because an amazing thing starts to happen as you begin applying the tweaks we’re going to show you in our Sticky Passive Income course to your business…

See, when you’re not so stressed out about money and worrying about where your next clients are coming from – you’ll end up creating a more joyful and fulfilling business!

Isn’t that WHY you went into business for yourself to begin with? So you could do something you love, make money doing it, and live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

So this is it…

If you’ve been wanting to create extra streams of passive income in your business, you need to get your hands our course right now:

Our Sticky Passive Income Course Gives You FULL Access to Look Over Our Shoulders and See Actual Real Life Examples of WHAT We are Doing to Make Passive Income in Our Own Businesses!
Sticky Passive Income

Because we know that the last thing you want to do is work harder, we’re going to focus on working smarter.

We’ll concentrate on using your existing assets and repurposing them to bring in more passive income on an ongoing basis.

We’ll talk about how to be STRATEGIC and INTENTIONAL about your marketing – for ongoing income.

In fact, these are the exact techniques that allow Melissa to attend every single hockey game her daughter plays, and that let Nicole spend every summer paddling around a Wisconsin lake.

And they are the same strategies that will allow you to step away from the computer and start enjoying more of your life as well.

 In as Little as 30 Minutes a Week, You Can Apply our Simple Tweaks that Will Continue to Pay You for Years to Come!

Our Sticky Passive Income Course is taught by video, so you can learn quickly and put the strategies to use immediately.

Plus, you’ll have access to the videos for life, so you can go back and review them again and again!

Here are all the different HOT income streams we’re going to walk you through via video in our course:


Income Stream #1: Earn More Money Giving Away Free Stuff

Sticky Passive IncomeYes, giving away free stuff still works, and we’ll show you how to monetize your free offer funnels so giving away freebies is both fun AND profitable.

In our “Earn More Money Giving Away Free Stuff” video training, you’ll learn:

  • How to close your leads and get them to confirm their email address
  • How to compel your leads to buy from you even though they had no intention of purchasing anything
  • Uncover the simple technique for automatically adding affiliate links to your emails
  • Discover the no-lose way to pricing your offer for the best conversions
  • Why almost everyone is wrong about free trial offers for paid memberships
  • How to instantly show off your amazing paid offer to your list
  • The real world strategies behind having multiple emails lists
  • One mistake most business owners make when setting up their offer pages and the quick fix
  • The absolute easiest way to get your paid offers in front of your leads over and over again
  • How to heat up your autoresponder emails for increased cash flow


Income Stream #2: Triple Your Income and Grow Your List with Low Cost Kindle Books

Sticky Passive IncomeNow you may think selling $0.99 Kindle books seems like too much work for too little profit – but the truth is, it’s the strategy behind the books that makes this an ideal place for you be growing your business.

In our “Triple Your Income and Grow Your List with Low Cost Kindle Books” video training, you’ll learn:

  • The amazing secret (okay, it’s not so much a secret as it is a strategy that very few biz owners use) to getting new customers for your business with those $0.99 cent books
  • How to scavenge for and re-purpose the content you’ve already created and flip it into a hot Kindle book in as a little as 24 hours
  • Exactly where to apply our no-lose methods for growing your mailing list through your books super fast
  • How to quickly and easily monetize every Kindle book to potentially triple your income


Income Stream #3: Transform Your Boring, Time-Suck of a Blog into a Money Maker

Sticky Passive IncomeBusiness blogs are notorious for leaking money, and sucking up huge chunks of your time. But not anymore!

In our “Transform Your Boring, Time-Suck of a Blog into a Money Maker” video training, you’ll learn:

  • How any coach or service provider can quickly monetize their blog with a few small changes
  • The absolute best monetization options you can use in a blog post (this might surprise you)
  • How to use this simple formula to get your readers to do whatever you want them to do next
  • How to cut your work load in half by leveraging the heck out of your existing blog posts and videos
  • How to get more referrals to your blog without resorting to nagging or trickery
  • The sweet spot on your blog that makes selling super easy and how to set it up
  • The easy-peasy method for using strategic cross-posting to freshen up your blog with content you’ve already created


Income Stream #4: Money Up the Backend of Your Business for Increased Profit

Sticky Passive IncomeThe backend of your business is one of the most valuable assets a business owner can have, but if you’re not doing anything with it, you’re losing thousands of dollars in revenue every year.

In our “Money Up the Backend of Your Business for Increased Profit” video training, you’ll learn:

  • The best time to promote something – and why
  • How to instantly diagnose your download pages for money leaks
  • The first critical question you need to ask yourself before setting up your download pages
  • How to compel people to purchase twice as much as they had planned from you
  • How to easily manage multiple download pages for your business
  • An easy way to use monetization strategies in your video course or membership to drive more sales into your business like crazy
  • Why affiliates love promoting business owners who have a strategic backend in place


Income Stream #5: Get Other People to Go Out and Make Money for You

Sticky Passive IncomeYou’re only one person, with only so many hours in the day, so you can’t possibly reach all the people you want to reach by all by your lonesome. And we find it completely mind-blowing when learn how few business owners are setting up their own affiliate program.

Having an affiliate program gives you have an army of people who happily go out and promote your business for you, and they’re making you more money than you’d ever make on your own.

In our “How to Get Other People to Make Money for You” video training, you’ll learn:

  • Why your affiliate program can be one of the most powerful business tools available to you
  • How to reach hundreds (even thousands) of new people with just a handful of affiliates
  • Avoid this huge mistake business owners make when considering an affiliate program
  • How to revive your dead affiliate program without starting from scratch and get affiliates to excitedly promote your products
  • How to quickly fill your affiliate program with amazing partners who love everything you sell and can’t wait to share it with others

But we’re not done yet! You’ll also get:


BONUS Passive Income Case Study (44 minutes)

Sticky Passive Income Case StudyThe case study we recorded of one of our student’s websites, is worth the price of our course alone!

As we walked through her website, we looked at her funnels and talked about all the areas where she was losing money, customers, and leads.

We looked at her shopping cart, we signed up for her mailing list, and more – all in an effort to help her plug the leaks in her business.

You seriously need to get your hands on this, because the tweaks we told her about increased her sales by 35% almost immediately!


BONUS Private Accountability Facebook Group

Sticky Passive IncomeWe’ve also set up a private Facebook group so that you can connect with use and other like-minded business owners around the world and ask questions, get feedback and support as you work through course and begin applying the tweaks to your own business..

This group exists for positive support and mutual inspiration for students of the course – to go through the material of the course and to inspire everyone in creating the lifestyle of your dreams. So please encourage and support one another.

You’ll be able to share your daily inspiration, successes, and challenges as you go through each section of the course, and of course we want you to share your aha’s too! AND you have access to this group FOR LIFE.

Just ONE Tweak You Learn from Our Course and Implement Could Easily Pay Back Your Investment in this Course – Month After Month After Month!

Choose Your Payment Option:
One Payment of Only $197!

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of Only $69!

“There have been so many times that I’ve had to take a break with my business to handle things that come up in my family life. Before, this thought was terrifying! But since taking Melissa and Nicole’s Sticky Passive Income course, this thought is comforting. After implementing just a handful of tips this month, my sales have increased over 35%! I can’t wait to see what happens when I implement them all!”

UPDATE FROM RAYVEN: “Over the past 3 months, I’ve been slowly but surely implementing EVERYTHING they told me, and I am proud to say that I am closing June with my first ever 5-figure month exclusively from the products on one of my sites. I could not have done it without you two!”

Rayven Perkins, Direct-Sales-Supplies.com
I just wanted to let you know that I sent one email and easily made back what I paid for the course – and  I haven’t even gone through all the training yet! Needless to say, I look forward to learning and implementing as much as I can. I’ll keep you posted!
Lexi Rodrigo, AlexisRodrigo.com
Finding genuine marketers online who are willing to share ‘real’ and ‘useful’ information is rare! Most of it is hype… but not with Nicole and Melissa, they are awesome... They genuinely care about their customers, and the information they share is the ‘real deal’. If you are looking for some valuable tips and ‘how to’s’, on how to start or grow your business, then look no further. If you have the chance to grab any training that Melissa and Nicole put out… Do it! You won’t be sorry… !”
Lynne Carey, UrbanGardenSurvival.com
This course is amazing! Nicole and Melissa products never fail to deliver, and Sticky Passive Income is no exception. They divulge so many ways to money-up your business, some of them being simple tweaks to what you already have. I have blogs in two completely different niches, and their advice works well across the board. I definitely recommend this course to any online business owner who wants to increase their passive income so they can eventually work less and make more!”
Corinne Kerston, Home-Biz-Mom.com
Being a teacher in the health and wellness industry, I began searching online for ideas for new streams of revenue to boost my income beyond the classroom. I found the Sticky-Passive-Income program, and it has been a goldmine of information. Nicole and Melissa totally over-deliver and I’m beyond excited with the passive income possibilities I hadn’t even known existed! Thank you!!”
Liz Fulcher, AromaticWisdomInstitute.com
“I always learn something new when I listen to Nicole or Melissa teach. I have observed their business model for years and have been impressed with their success. As I was getting ready to launch my own products via Amember, I decided to take their course, “Sticky Passive Income.” Not only did I have light bulb “Ah ha!” moments as I watched their training, I also received answers to my questions via the private Facebook group. Both Nicole and Melissa have been active in the group and have helped me to take action and see results. I highly recommend this training to any online business owner!”
Shelley Hitz, TrainingAuthors.com
“Since being a VA it’s been a continuous learning experience. Some things come naturally, some not so much. Passive Income is one that I always have struggled with. When Nicole & Melissa created their Sticky Passive Income course I didn’t hesitate for one minute to register. The best thing about the program is that you proceed at your own pace and can listen or read the trainings as many times as needed. The program is an investment that will continue to pay off!
Collette Schultz, SavvySubcontracting.com
“There’s nothing worse than the thought of leaving money on the table, and Nicole and Melissa are brilliant at helping you uncover those hidden revenue streams and maximizing your profit potential!”
Lou Bortone, LouBortone.com

Come join us, and make this your best year ever!

Choose Your Payment Option:
One Payment of Only $197!

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of Only $69!


“Nicole Dean is the queen of passive income! With just one suggestion from her in mid-November 2013, that month’s income doubled my BIGGEST month ever. The best part is most of the money came in while I was sleeping! I woke up each morning and checked my phone, and the PayPal notifications said I’d already met that day’s income goal, and on several days I exceeded it! I’m super pumped, my affiliates are happy, and we’re already seeing additional sales based off one other passive income trick Nicole taught me. Now I don’t have to worry when my bank account dips below what’s comfortable anymore, as I have a formula to follow to get it up to beyond my imagination!”
Kristen Eckstein, UltimateBookCoach.com
“In the field of Internet Marketing How-To teaching, there aren’t many people with REAL results and NO hype. However, Melissa is one of those people. I know her numbers, her strategies, her work ethic and her devotion to her family and clients and she is the REAL deal. I trust her and I trust my audience with her. You simply cannot find this quality of teaching at this price anywhere else. Period!”
Carrie Wilkerson, CarrieWilkerson.com
“Because of Melissa’s encouragement, personalized coaching and support during the workshop, I finally started e-mailing my list on a regular basis and communicating with my affiliates, knowing just what to say and how to say it. It is incredible to me that I was able to go from being nervous to e-mail my list to, in the month following the workshop, generating over $4,000 in sales that I wouldn’t have otherwise earned and I attribute that completely to e-mail marketing. This year I am on track to have my first six figure year and so much of that can be attributed to the courses and support I have gotten from Melissa. I have NEVER been as enthusiastic and committed to continuing to create an ongoing, personal relationship with my list of subscribers, as I am now. Thank you for everything!”
Michelle Schoen, LearnCamtasia.com
“I was lucky enough to work with Nicole Dean for about 18 months as a coach. I begged her to take me on because she has built the online business person’s ultimate dream: Too MUCH passive income. Of course, you can never have too much, but Nicole got so good at Passive Income that she became everyone’s goto person. She calls it moneying up a website. I call it brilliant. Watch, listen and learn. Study Nicole’s sites and her techniques. She makes money on her sites before you even get there…Yep, I’m impressed.!”
David Perdew, MyNams.com
“Nicole Dean has shaped my approach to the back end for years now. She opened my eyes to money I was leaving on the table by not looking for all of the passive income opportunities available in just about every project I create. My affiliate income and my own repeat sales in come have consistently grown, even when I haven’t been able to put in a lot of hours. It’s because tweaks I worked hard on in years past have continued to earn for me to this day!”
Kelly McCausey, SoloSmarts.com

Choose Your Payment Option:
One Payment of Only $197!

Payment Plan: 3 Payments of Only $69!


Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold
Nicole Dean & Melissa Ingold